Field Experience

Jessie Stone He-Professional Development Coordinator
Informational materials about Perseus Books Group

I spent my field experience this summer as an intern at Perseus Books Group, a publishing company located in New York City. Perseus is an independent company that is made up of twelve publishers, Avalon Travel, Basic Books, Basic Civitas, Beast Books, DaCapo, Nation Books, Running Press, Public Affairs, Seal Press, Weinstein Books, Westview, and Vanguard Press. They work with customers and representatives domestically and internationally including countries like Singapore, Japan, Brazil, India, England, and France. The company is meant for independent publishers to help build a foundation for them and grow. They provide sales, marketing and distribution services to their publishers.

Within Perseus are several amenities including Perseus Books Group, Publishers Group West, Perseus Distribution, and Consortium Book Sales and Distribution. I had the opportunity to work with both Perseus Books Group and Publishers Group West (PGW).