Being a part of the Perseus Books Group family for a summer taught me a lot of valuable lessons and exposed me to an environment much different from my previous jobs and the college setting. I got a lot out of this experience which has contributed to shaping my career path.

Although I gained a lot of insight through the tasks I was assigned while working there, I believe that I acquired a lot more knowledge just through observation. For example, the meeting that took place in the office that I had the privilege to attend may have come across as an ordinary meeting for all of the employees but for me it was something I had never experienced before. Listening to what was being said throughout the meeting was helpful in getting a sense of what is generally considered when trying to market products to customers. Connecting what I had previously learned in my marketing classes to the meeting had a greater impact on me in terms of understanding the way I should be thinking when I am in these employees’ position working on a marketing strategy for my customers.

I have never worked behind the logistical aspect of a company. The only other work experience I have had is working with customers and selling products in retail mainly. However, I never worked behind the scenes at the headquarters, for instance. So it came as a surprise to me to see how many different aspects of a company there are. I had an idea of it but actually getting to see it hands on is a completely different experience. It is also very interesting to see how there are so many different jobs and tasks to be done yet somehow they are all connected to one another. I really appreciated getting the chance to work with two people in completely different areas of the company because it gave me a more rounded feel of the company and exposed me to different potential career paths.

Although I am a business major, I am still unsure of what I want to do after I graduate. Being in the publishing industry has definitely given me that boost I need to figure out what area I might be most interested in. I would definitely recommend this internship to other students in my field whether they know they want to be in the publishing industry in the future or if they are like me and still don’t know what they want to do yet. The publishing industry is very small and pretty competitive, so if a student is interested in being a part of it in the future, then getting an internship at a company such as Perseus is a great way to jump starting a career. An internship like this immediately opens doors for students and creates more connections making it easier to obtain a job later on. I think overall working at Perseus Books Group was a really great experience.

Jessie Stone He-Professional Development Coordinator
Reflection on value of experience related to the classroom thus far.